Drone .,. LYRICS

Headphones on
Ignoring the world
First Nations homeless daughter breathing
But I can’t hear her
Because Justin Bieber
I just cant hear her screaming out
My band width is maxing out

Inside my heart
I’m all alone
Inside my heart
I’m not a
I’m not a
I’m not a drone

I’m texting you now
Snap on a fake nose
Making u laugh
While a homeless guy
Freezes to death
Alone on my street
Alone on Queen Street
Alone on Queen Street West
On your street your street
I am I am
I am not a drone

Physically here psychologically elsewhere
We’re physically here psychologically elsewhere

I’m waking, my friend
No more ignoring the world
I’m watching you cry
While hoping that homeless heart survives

Inside my pod
We’re not alone
Inside my pod
I know I’m not I know I’m not a drone

I know I’m not a drone
Maybe I’m a drone
I am not a drone